Stylebyayaba x Stylebytoyoc takes on Heineken LFDW 2016 – Day 2

Hi Guys,

Day 2 of fashion week is over and I bring you the scoops of my top 5 for the day.

Have you ever been at an event and your shoes snapped? What did you do? I would love to hear from you. Please tell me your story.

Day 1 of LFDW 2016, after getting all dressed up and makeup on fire. After taking pictures, I just felt my legs were really free and checked and there it was my sandals opened. At first, I was shocked and told my fashion week sister, Stylebyayaba to help me. I wanted to faint (lol). Thank God for having a friend that’s a designer, she quickly ran to the car to get me needle and thread and fixed it. After that, the show continued.

Lesson learnt: Ladies always have at least 2 pairs of shoes when you are going for an event. Just in case (lol)

Back to Day 2, I wore an Ayaba piece and loved the clash of the patterns and Stephanie Ani didn’t disappoint with my makeup. My hair was laid by Tasala and I loved the bun and left the front pinned up.

Now my top 5 list

5:Deji Eniola

Deji Eniola is a menswear designer and for the runway he definitely caught my attention with the androgynous looks. I loved the bows and have my eyes on one of the jackets. I was impressed and can’t wait to see more from the brand.

Photo Credit: Taken from (pictures by Kola Oshalusi, Insigna)

4: Gozel Green

I love chic and this was definitely up my alley. The color scheme for the runway was beautiful. The chic designs definitely won me over.

Photo Credit: Taken from (pictures by Kola Oshalusi, Insigna)

3: Ladunni Lambo

I was so impressed when I saw aso-oke on the runway from this brand. I loved the infusion with everyday fabrics. The pieces were elegant and well tailored. She is one designer to watch out for.

Photo Credit: Taken from (pictures by Kola Oshalusi, Insigna)

2:Ejiro Amos Tafiri

My number 2 spot goes to Ejiro Amos Tafiri. Sophistication oozes from her brand. The pieces were definitely classy, elegant and velvet came out to play. Velvet has been a trend and I thought it would be popular this LFDW2016 (2 days more so let’s see).

Photo Credit:

1: Fruche

It’s such an amazing to see a designer’s growth over the years and for me the trophy goes to Fruche. I was more than impressed and fell in love with more than 50% of the looks on the runway.

Photo Credit: Taken from (pictures by Kola Oshalusi, Insigna)

Day 3 here we come…..

Have a great day😘





    • stylebytoyoc
      October 31, 2016 / 10:15 am

      I wanted to try something new and I’m glad you like it 🙂

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