Counting Down to Christmas: What I have been up to

Counting Down to Christmas: What I have been up to

Hi Guys,

I am back from my long hiatus and I sincerely apologize to everyone who has visited my site and found no new content.

Let me update you on what I have been up to. As most of you know, I am also a wedding planner, Toyo C Events. I planned my first official wedding two weeks ago and a lot of details as well as time was invested into this job.

The bride contacted me and told me she wanted an outdoor wedding theme indoors. I immediately took the brief and contacted Yvent Kouture, decor extraordinaaire (he is truly amazing) and shared my creative ideas. I was nervous but I was too excited to deliver. I spoke to the decorator and told him I wanted the venue to look like guests are in the park, birds and the illusion of the sky.I wanted a bridge with a pond that leads to that special place (the stage). The entrance of the park should have a gate and a map to show guests directions. I was so happy because it was well executed and everyone including my client was happy.

Then for the after party, I wanted a theme “Just Glow it” and wanted it to be detailed.  I got in touch with a graffiti artist and he definitely delivered. The ambiance set by the special effects and lights brought the After party to life. You can head over to my events page on instagram (@toyocevents) to see more details but meanwhile enjoy the pictures.

I definitely learnt one thing during this planning and execution process, when things don’t go your way, look for alternatives to solve the problem. I am so happy for this wonderful opportunity and can’t wait to plan many more weddings.


Thank you all for the continued support and have a great day 🙂



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