Go Big or Go Home – StyleByToyoC x StyleTemple

Go Big or Go Home – StyleByToyoC x StyleTemple


It sure doesn’t feel like spring in Calgary (hehe). This shoot was done during my trip in Baltimore. I am so grateful for the love I have experienced by different people all over the world.

I recently got a DM on Instagram from a high school student here in Calgary and she totally made my day. She invited me to speak in a conference about breaking stereotypes as a fashion blogger. Who would have thought this Chemical Engineer turned fashion blogger would have an impact on a younger lady. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to speak at the conference (sad face, due to obligations in Lagos) but glad I was able to talk to her on the phone and encourage her. This made me feel that I am doing something right. There is nothing as amazing as being able to impact someone’s life positively.

Social media platforms especially Instagram is such a powerful tool and can make younger ladies feel they can’t be themselves or show imperfections, (it’s hard) but it is rewarding being YOU and own it. Words are powerful and I don’t know who is reading this but remember you are unique and beautiful. God created us in different shapes and sizes. I want to encourage you, go big with who you are, love and embrace it.

Love you all for the support and kind words.

Have a Go-Big day 🙂



Outfit Details

Dress by StyleTemple | Vintage Earrings | Bag by Fiona Kotur | Shoes by Manolo Blahnik| Photography by Currie Lee









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