Velvety Black and White – StyleByToyoC x DenimUnusualbyDuke (DUD)

Velvety Black and White – StyleByToyoC x DenimUnusualbyDuke (DUD)


It’s a new week and I want to encourage someone today. Don’t give up, keep pushing through and success is right around the corner.

Have you heard of the brand, DenimUnsualbyDuke (DUD)? DUD is a Nigerian clothing brand offering pieces that are denim and velvet inspired for the everyday person. If you are looking for a change in your top and wrapper collection and everyday pieces, you should check out the brand.

For my readers across the globe, in the Nigerian culture, one of our traditional custom dressing is a top (normally called a buba) and a wrapper. I normally don’t wear a top and wrapper often (except special occassions) and I wanted a piece that would fit into my everyday wear, so I opted for top and pants. I particularly love the sleeves and the rose detail on it.

Outfit Details

Set by DUD | Mules by Zara | Bag by Mezzi | Photography by AOB

Have a beautiful day 🙂



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