Iro and Buba: Modern Twist – StyleByToyoC x TokaToka

Iro and Buba: Modern Twist – StyleByToyoC x TokaToka


A little bit of background here, Iro and Buba is the traditional attire attributed to the Yoruba culture in Nigeria. The Iro is the wrapper and the Buba is the top. As fashion is evolving, the younger generation have found new ways to keep the style modern but still keeping the traditional attire alive. TokaToka created a modern twist to the Iro and Buba while keeping it chic. I love the floral silk print material and how it flows on the body. The modern interpretation of the wrapper is gorgeous; wrap skirt with ruffles. I felt comfortable and chic wearing this outfit.

Outfit Details

Iro and Buba by TokaToka | Bag by APaaRT | Mules by Zara | Photography by AOB

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