Things To Do in Calgary: Visit the Calgary Zoo

Things To Do in Calgary: Visit the Calgary Zoo

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Hi Readers,

How is your week going? Are you excited for the long weekend? I sure am. Are you thinking of what to do? Why not check out the Calgary Zoo. I had the opportunity to visit the Calgary zoo last week and I have to say it’s one of my favourite summer experience. This is a perfect day trip for a family and they do have daily programs. You can check them out before heading to the zoo or on site.

The great thing about the zoo is that it is open 364 days a year, how cool is that? As soon as I got there, I got invited to see Destination Africa (I am still waiting for my Kenyan Safari invitation). In the rain forest section, my highlight was the gorilla posing for pictures, I was shocked. She definitely is social and a crowd pleaser. It was amazing to see the giraffes and lions in their habitats. Do you know lions sleep up to 20 hours a day?

Before going to the zoo, I never heard of Lemurs and it was one of the new and exciting land of habitat which opened in July 2017. They are the cutest thing and they actually come up close and walk in your midst which was fascinating. They can actually be found in Madagascar, I honestly was just thinking about the movie Magadascar lol. I saw the ring tailed and red-fronted lemurs, it was educative.

Oh my, Penguins are the cutest thing ever. You literally see the penguins up close. Their swimming speed is unbelievable. I arrived late at the zoo and I was not able to go to as many places but I’m definitely going back for a day trip. To learn more about the zoo, please visit Calgary Zoo website. They have conservative programs that you should check out. Check out outfit details below.

Thank you Calgary Zoo for the hospitality especially Trish Exton-Parder, you are amazing at what you do.

Outfit details

Top & Pants by TIFÉ | Mules & Clutch by Zara | Photography by AOB

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