Power Suit: Strictly Business

Power Suit: Strictly Business

Hi Readers,

You are getting a double dose of goodness hehe. I have been slacking on my posts and I apologize. Couple of days ago, my friend mentioned she doesn’t see my posts on her timeline. It can be frustrating trying to grow your account organically and most of your followers can’t see your timeline. I just keep thinking, is it because I am engaging a lot and have had couple of temporary blocks on likes? I honestly don’t know and all I know is keep working hard and one day it will pay off. That’s my mantra in my fashion blogging world.

Ok, back to the focus of the post: The power suit. There’s just so much grace, elegance and confidence that oozes out when you see a woman in a power suit. I am obsessed with the show insecure and one of the controversial issues addressed is that “Men generally earn more than women doing the same job despite having similar abilities”. I usually don’t talk about controversial issues on my blog but it made really think. This is definitely unfair! So this new trend of the power suit is really dear to my heart and it is not just a trend.

Designers are definitely speaking through fashion vocalizing their huge support for female power. The designs show Power suit shouldn’t be boring, it should be fun playing with different colours and feminine. The message behind this trend is that the future is female. I can assure you I’m not a feminist and it’s time women empower each other and remind ourselves of what we are capable of achieving when we all stand together. I have done an earlier post with the blazer dress and this is me taking the look to the next level hehe. You can always shop my favs on the sidebar.


Outfit Details

Power Suit by Official Tife| Shoes by Christian Louboutin| Earrings by H&M| Photography by AOB

Have a double dose of happiness day:)


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