Track Pants Trend: Sporty Chic

Track Pants Trend: Sporty Chic

Couple of days ago, the weather here was spring like but for the past two days it’s been snowing and I’m looking at Calgary with the side eye. While we had an amazing weather earlier in the week, the sporty chic vibe was definitely one I wanted to try. I have to say I don’t wear sneakers a lot but now I have been considering and just got a nice pair from Skye (look coming soon to the blog). Not to worry, the pastel heaven series is still on-going this month, just needed to slide in this look on the blog :).

The track pants trend has been huge in 2018 and it’s not considered strictly casual. The great thing about this trend is that the pants can be worn on casual days or dressed up stylishly for work. The statement pants boast a leg lengthening effect and looks best in dark shades with a bold stripe or two. I also like that they have the comfort of sweats but the appeal of dressy trousers. The pants being high waisted made the buying decision easier. ¬†As a petite woman, I was happy I didn’t need to alter the length of the pants so thats an A+ in my book. Personally, I wanted a casual but chic look so I paired the pants with a simple short sleeved t-shirt. I did pair with silver mules just to stay true to my style.

Outfit Details

Top by H&M | Pants by Topshop Canada | Mules (similar) by Zara | Photography by Henry Saavedra

Have a great day:)

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