Default Setting – Black Vibes

Default Setting – Black Vibes


I haven’t posted in a couple of days because I honestly didn’t have any content (just being lazy lol) and I didn’t want to just post anything up on the blog. Moments when I feel like this, I hit the reset button and that’s where you see me wear my default mode colour -black. I love colours but there’s something about resetting, taking a quick break and getting more colour inspirations to share with you. Do you have a default colour you wear when you have no inspiration? I would love to know.

Couple of months ago, I bought the ruffle detail pants and perfect timing for my default setting. Statement earrings are in trend and i’m so in I can’t lie. It’s so funny how years ago, I won’t be caught dead in any big earrings, I personally felt it made my head look bigger and didn’t look nice on me. If I may say so myself, I’m loving the way they look on me now and i’m sold to the trend.

Can we please talk about this Daniel Wellington watch? When the brand reached out to me, I was excited even though I had no idea how I was going to wear it. It’s so funny how things come together, I knew this was the perfect accessory for my default mode look and there she was waiting for me lol. This classic petite watch comes in different sizes (28mm or 32mm) and I chose the 28mm which is definitely the perfect size for a girl like me. I love that simple yet elegant with the rose gold detail. I also love the fact I can change the straps depending on what style I decide upon. Daniel wellington just launched a new campaign “Free Strap” on April 4th and up until April 30th, you get a complimentary strap with the purchase of any DW watch (mesh straps excluded). You know I can’t wear such a gorgeous watch and not give you the scoop lol. You (yes you:)) can get ¬†15% off your purchase using my promo code TOYOC. ¬†Check out the website and get shopping.

Have a great Thursday!

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