One with Nature


It’s been freezing cold in Calgary and please can someone just send me a paid flight ticket to Bora Bora (lol). In my quest of rediscovery, I tried something new. I attended a paint nite event yesterday and I have to admit it was a different experience for me. I get inspirations from art but it was tough for me trying to put everything together. I studied Engineering in school and I thought that was tough but I think I met a contender last night. The instructor told me to let go and have fun but I was overthinking everything because I wanted my painting to be perfect. So, lesson learnt, in everything you do, learn to have fun and don’t take things too serious. I’m adding this to my list of ” Things to do in Calgary” and  I would recommend this activity if you just need to relax.

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New Dawn, New Day – Dark Prints


This is my first post in 2018. I have been missing in action for so long. All I can say is ” New Dawn, New Day” and time to put in the work in every area of my life. I have no new year resolutions because I realized I never follow them through and yes i’m tired of those. I need to rediscover myself this year and I started reading. I am obsessed with movies, I can literally stay indoors and watch movies all day but I decided to focus my energy on other adventures like reading a book each week (mind you it’s not a resolution).

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Things To Do in Calgary: Visit the Calgary Zoo

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Hi Readers,

How is your week going? Are you excited for the long weekend? I sure am. Are you thinking of what to do? Why not check out the Calgary Zoo. I had the opportunity to visit the Calgary zoo last week and I have to say it’s one of my favourite summer experience. This is a perfect day trip for a family and they do have daily programs. You can check them out before heading to the zoo or on site.

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Having a Bad Day – My Simple Fixes


I am sure you are wondering, how can ever smiling fashion blogger have a bad day? It is possible because we are humans and everyone has bad days. I was doing my morning devotion today and I was listening to Mercyme (Bart) share his testimony and inspiration behind the song “Even If”. He talked about bad days and not encouraged to sing. This encouraged me to give my simple fixes when having a bad day. If you are reading this and you are having a bad day, you can try my simple fixes. Please share your simple fixes, I’m sure I can learn one or two things.


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Things to do in Calgary – Taste of Calgary

Hello Readers,

I have been on a blogging hiatus for months now and I apologize to my readers. It sure feels great to be back.

What have you been up to? Summer is almost over but there are few activities to enjoy before Fall arrives. I will be doing a blog series on things to do in Calgary. I cannot wait to share all these activities, but first let’s talk about “Taste of Calgary.

FullSizeRender-15Image Credit: Instagram (@dommccombs)

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