Belfast Travel Diaries – Culotte Obsession

My culotte obsession started with my Fablanebyderin mustard jumpsuit and I have to say “My name is Toyosi Clay and I’m obsessed with culotte. This navy culotte is so comfortable and I felt so free. It also helped me hide my big belly (A+ for this piece). I rocked it with my gold and pink sandals and a multicoloured necklace.

I am so proud of my makeup, done by Myself and came out right (I think)…thank God hehe. Please rate my makeup, I give myself a 6…is that too much? Let me know what you think.


Outfit Details: Top and Culotte by Asos| Shoes by Fendi| Necklace by Zara

I have also found a new love…Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation…Felt so light on my skin and love love the silk finish. It is pretty pricey (Sephora, $62) but totally worth it. I recommend this product. If you are located in Lagos, Nigeria and want one, don’t be discouraged by forex rates, you can definitely order here from @beautiverse on Instagram.


I went on a bus tour and learnt so much about Belfast. Having watched Titanic so many times and always crying each time like I had never watched the movie. I learnt so much about the history and the culture, it was beautiful.


Interesting Fact: Do you know what the beacon of hope sculpture stands for? The globe at her feet indicates the universal philosophy of peace, harmony and thanksgiving, and has marked on its surface the cities where the people and industries of Belfast migrated and exported to.


Beacon of Hope (Tour Guide called it Lady on a Ball)

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Travel Diaries – The Ultimate Guide to Fly In Style

I love traveling but two things I don’t look forward to… Packing and Annoying Security Checks. I am entitled to 3 bags when traveling but for a one week vacation, I pack like I’m moving to my destination for a year, Sigh.

I’m going to give you tips on how to pull off a stylish yet comfortable outfit when traveling. Here’s the ultimate guide:

KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid

Trust me it’s so hard wearing heels and you don’t want to be wearing attention seeking outfits that makes you look tacky in front of the airport crowd.

The foundation should be basic pieces and you can build on them. You can wear denim and pair with a cute top, with a nice scarf and jacket. You can definitely switch the denim for palazzo pants or which ever you feel comfortable in. You can rely on neutral shades like Black, white and nude. I love to play with color to add personality to my outfit. You should pair your outfit with nice sneakers, ballet flats or sandals. Okay, if you insist on heels, make sure you wear block heels, you don’t want a fall accident at the airport especially in MMA Lagos, Nigeria.

Oh don’t forget a pair of sunglasses, a great way to look put together and instantly stylish.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Outfit details – Top by Boutique in London, Jacket by Primark, Jeans by Topshop, Shoes by Flossy and Tote bag by Michael Kors

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

P.S. Sorry about the photo quality, this is what happens when you give your driver the camera to take a picture….sigh

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The Perfect Wedding Guest – Bow Show

Are there colors that shouldn’t be worn to a wedding? I would like to know but I rock any color as long as it looks good and compliments my skin tone. I attended my friend’s wedding this past weekend and it was amazing. I rocked a red bow dress designed by my friend and sister Fablanebyderin and coincidentally my shoes had bows on them. I loved how I paired my red outfit with gold, pinkish purple and red heels and a gold bag.  My love for colors (SIGH).


Photo Credit & Makeup – Stephanie Ani


Dress by Fablanebyderin, Shoes by Fendi and Bag by Kotur


Have a great day!



International Day of Happiness

Don’t worry, Be happy!


Sunglasses – DAPMOD



Lace Set – BethO, Shoes & Necklace – Zara, Bracelet – H&M, Makeup & Hair – Kanyin Adenusi

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Photo credit – Bayo (@blawz)

Lace Set – @betho_official

MUA – @kanyinade

Sunglasses – @dapmod

Valentine’s Day – High Expectations

Yay…My first blog post. I am so excited to share my journey with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone.

I had a conversation with my mum yesterday telling her how excited I used to be about Valentine’s day. When I was younger, I would be counting down the days to February 14th, Hoping all the guys that liked me would drop chocolates, cakes, perfumes,etc.

February 14th 2014, I was in Los Angeles with my husband (was my boyfriend then) and I was praying and hoping he was going to propose as he surprised me with the trip. I was so expectant and he shocked me and didn’t propose (LOL). I remember being nice to him days before and after I didn’t get the ring, I started to be mean… Fast forward, he proposed in Nigeria March 22, 2014.

IMG_1613Valentine’s day puts pressure on people in my opinion and it’s either a good or bad day based on your relationship status. The interpretation of love nowadays is “When I say I love you, you must give me something in return” which is wrong. I advise, love yourself and treat yourself if you are single. If you are married, you can either take your spouse for a romantic dinner or just sit home and give your spouse a foot rub. Don’t put pressure on yourself because you want to make someone happy. Don’t go break the bank because you want the person to be pleased with you. Simple appreciation without any monetary value attached can go a long way.

So ladies and gents, any high expectations today, Feb 14th 2016. Or what high expectations did you have for previous valentine’s day?

Outfit Details

Top – Wannifuga

Pants – Zara

Shoes – Christian Louboutins

Sunglasses – Dapmod (@Dapmod)

Photography – Bayo Lawson (@blawz)

Makeup done by Teni (@tennietouch)