How To Wear: Baggy Fit Culotte Set

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Lately I’ve been having meaningful conversations with several people and the conversation seems to narrow down to BE YOURSELF and walk in your own path. I think we are all on different journeys in our lives and have to constantly remind ourselves to “BE YOU”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure at times we get carried away with what others are doing but in the end people will fall in love with “the original YOU”.

So, I saw this outfit on a massive sale and I fell in love with the brick red colour. I was thinking to myself, how can I pair this set? Well Readers, this is one way to definitely style a baggy fit culotte set:

  1. You can pair with nice/sleek accessories (jewelry, shoes, etc).
  2. Rock with Confidence: “BE YOU”, have fun with the baggy fit look.


Photography by @aobyyc


Outfit Details: Culotte Set, Necklace & Shoes by Zara|Bag by Kurt Geiger| Sunglasses by Dapmod| Rings by H&M


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Hi Readers,

I have previously written in an earlier blog post about how to style a black x white outfit. Please check the post of you haven’t read it. I was inspired lately once again with black and white minimalistic look and I decided to go all the way with my accessories. There was no better place to shoot than the City Hall, Calgary. This outfit is definitely one to turn heads  while looking stylish and classy.

I can never get tired of black and white, I’m falling in too deep with this combination. Many of you may know that I love to have fun so I wore a pop of colour on my lips and definitely enjoyed this shoot. Funny enough while shooting, I ran into one of Calgary’s Men Style Blogger ,Sadiq (Instagram: @styledyyc) and decided to do a “run-into collaboration” (LOL).

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ready 1

Outfit Details: Top & Clutch by Zara| Pants by Topshop|Jewelry by H&M|Sunglasses by DAPMOD|Shoes by Christian Louboutin| Lipstick (Up the Amp) by MAC

ready 2ready 4ready 5

ready 6


ready 8


ready 10


ready 17

ready 11ready 12

ready 15

ready 14

ready 20

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Love at First Sight – Alforno

I was driving downtown Calgary and came across Alforno Bakery & Cafe and couldn’t resist. The building is super attractive and I was curious. I knew I had to explore the place especially after seeing the gold doors. I walked in and the decor blew me away. The modern, minimalistic yet luxury decor wowed me and the customer service by Sierra was top notch. Alforno Bakery & Cafe have warm and friendly staff and my perception was “I bet the food won’t be that good”.

So I ordered the Lasagna with a side salad and I was waiting to say “I said so” but they proved me wrong. The lasagna was well done and permit me to say they have the “Best Salad” in Calgary. If you are in Calgary, please check out Alforno Bakery & Cafe, you won’t be disappointed. I’m looking forward to my next visit for the pastries….I can’t wait.




Outfit Details: Top by F21 Canada| Pants by ASOS| Shoes by Christian Louboutin|Sunglasses by Dapmod| Photography by A.O.B






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Summer Must Have: Shift Dress

I will be sharing my MUST HAVES this summer season. Can I just say “I love this print so much”. It is starting to feel like summer in Calgary, today was 29 degrees celsius. I have dealt with worse in Lagos, Nigeria.

This summer, you should definitely get a shift dress. You are probably asking why?

  1. Shift dresses are classics and always cute
  2. Gives you breathing room (Ladies you know what I mean lol); very comfortable
  3. If you are having “I feel fat” day, shift dresses to the rescue.

For me, wearing a shift dress with bright colors or bold patterns with medium heels does the trick for me.

Outfit Details – Shift Dress by Stylebyayaba| Sunglasses by DAPMOD| Shoes by Zara| Purple Lipstain by BeyondBeauty| Photography by A.O.B| Location shoot: Prince’s Island Park


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Contact Details:

Photography – @a.o.b__

Stylebyayaba – @stylebyayaba|@ayabaofficial

DAPMOD – @dapmod

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Did I catch the Denim Fever? Sure Did!

If you ever visit calgary, one of the places you must go is McHugh Bluff. The most amazing thing about this place is the spectacular view of the city. There is a dramatic view of the city skyline. I can’t wait to show you all more amazing spots in Calgary. Surprisedly enough, it has been raining a lot in Calgary. While shooting at Mchugh Bluff, the rain started and had to move location.

I went down to this trendy cafe, Analog on 17th Ave, downtown Calgary. It is a premium coffee shop with a cool and trendy ambiance. I had the iced mocha and red velvet cupcake and was pretty impressed.

I definitely wasn’t ready for the rain in Calgary so I caught the denim fever and decided to rock it.


Outfit Details – White Top & Jewelry by H&M| Denim Top by F21canada| Jeans by Topshop| Shoes by PublicDesire| Sunglasses by DAPMOD|Bag by ShopMaju| Photography by A.O.B|



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