Spring Trends 2018: Pastel Heaven Series – Dusty Rose

Another day in Pastel heaven and I have to say I was so excited for this look. My week has been really busy. How about yours? Anything interesting? I started off with a night out with Winners and Marshalls. Thank you Winners and Marshalls for hosting me, it was so much fun and you would have seen my insta-stories to see the amazing food I devoured and the bloggers I hung out with. I was surprised with a gift card worth $100 which would be maxed out tomorrow as I have my eyes on a Lucy Paris striped jumpsuit which is perfect for spring.

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Spring Trends 2018: Pastel Heaven Series – Mint


I woke up on Saturday angry. I can tell you it literally disrupted my whole day and seeing people wearing different colours did make me smile but I ended up going back to bed angry. I do feel better today, but then I woke up with a bad headache from thinking so much or probably my salt intake or being low on sugar. I would love to know, have you ever woken up angry before? What’s your remedy? Please share so maybe I can do that next time.

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