Cherry Wine – Collaboration with Madam Glam


Last look I want to share. I have to say that this look in 2017 got me a spot on #HMGallery. I was shocked when H&M asked me if they could use my picture on their website, it was such a feel good moment. I paired this top with burgundy pants by a Nigerian designer. If you have noticed on my blog, I rarely wear red lipstick. Madam Glam contacted me and I chose the 3 lipsticks from the collection. I was a little bit iffy about cherry wine but picked it. I got the product and I couldn’t help but fall in love with Cherry wine. You can see more of the look below.

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Business Casual with Navy Peony


I am totally obsessed with the Paper Bag High Waist pants. It is a staple trend piece to have in your wardrobe. I love how chic and feminine they look when paired with a tank or even a button down shirt. The roomy pant legs makes me feel comfortable even though my waist is cinched (which I absolutely love). The paper bag waist pants is versatile and has always been in season. These pants can be incorporated into your fall wardrobe. The good news is that anyone can wear paper bag waist pants! They make you look instantly put together and mature, and they’re great for fancier occasions if you don’t want to wear a dress, or they can look professional enough for work. This look is definitely a work-inspired but you can dress it up depending on the occassion. Read more to find out how to wear paper bag waist pants. By the way, I have a behind the scenes video here

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It Takes Tulle to Tango

Hi Readers,

It’s almost the weekend here and I am so counting down. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you say tulle? Yes I know, ballerina princess right?. The fashion crowd has definitely put a spin to tulle and makes the trend more sexy than girl. Sporting the look, you either see tulle top patched with florals and rocked with denim. Or you see the trend worn as a dress and layered up. The great thing about buying into this trend is that it’s the perfect piece to switch up as you like.

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That’s a Wrap…StylebyToyoC x NKWO

Hi Guys,

This look finally is up here…Yayyyy…:)

How’s your weekend going? It was raining here in Calgary, so I’ve been catching up on shows. I watched the whole season of the Quad on BET, so now looking for more series.

I am excited to share this look with you but a little background about the designer. NKWO is a womenswear label whose pieces have been featured in NYFW 2008 and collection has been sold in the luxury brand store Galeries Lafayette.

The pieces were first seen on the runway show during LFDW 2016 and I was really impressed because her pieces showed a great blend of modernity and African culture.  My love of white and denim knew new bounds. You know in 2016, I rocked a lot of white/off-white looks, white can be difficult to pull off if not done right. I usually say accessorize with bold colours and always carry a stain remover in your bag (very important hehe, trust me).

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Hey Guys,

Today is a beautiful day and I am so excited I collaborated with Liz Eleko of Inspire Junkie. I heard great things about Liz and finally met her at a wedding. We got talking, she’s a lifestyle blogger and we decided to collaborate. Liz said “I’m taking you to Azuridge and you will love it” In my head, I was like I’m sure she’s over hyping the place but I was wrong…this place is a hidden Gem.

Azuridge Estate Hotel is a luxury destination with 13 acres of rolling foothills in Priddis, Alberta. It’s about 20 mins away from Calgary (if you live in the SW). Do you know this estate was formerly owned by an individual, Mogen Smed (Inspired is an understatement) and he filed for bankruptcy. The property was then bought by geologists. The name “Azuridge is a fusion of azurite and ridge. Azuridge is a private and exclusive place. If you are looking for a place to de-stress, this should be your perfect peaceful escape.

I decided to rock my ankara set for brunch. I wanted to go for a simple yet classy look. The detachable sleeves just makes you rock the outfit in different ways. I am really proud of myself on my thrift missions lately and scoring a bag for only (wait for it)…5CAD.

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