How To Dress Like A Boss: Plaid it Monday


Happy New Month of October!

It is snowing here in Calgary, as I am writing this post, I don’t know if I’m excited about that though. My weekend was amazing, I watched Sound of Music on broadway and it was spectacular. I almost shed a tear at the end of the show, but my tear was too shy to come out hehe. Okay, let me serious, I will recommend you to watch the broadway show. Do you believe I haven’t still seen Lion King on Broadway, I need to asap.

It’s a new week and how do you dress like a boss to work? You want to look confident and ready for any challenge but still look fabulous (Oh yes, without breaking the bank lol). Plaid is definitely a trend this Fall 2017 and I am so for it. I don’t think there are truly any secrets to dressing like a boss, I believe in wearing what makes you feel like a boss! If you work in the professional world, then your style should reflect well put together and tailored outfits but still looking effortless.

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