#MadeinNigeria: Nigerian Designer Spotlight – Osuare


I am too excited to share all about this brand with you. When I thought about the #MadeinNigeria series, I came up with the list of brands to feature. I came across Osuare and fell in love with the authenticity in our culture through the hand crafted designs. In this life, growth happens when you move out of your comfort zone and take risks. I contacted them, blogged with the amazing pieces and got to know more about the brand. The brand has been featured in many publications and worn by many public figures.

What do you think about my new hair-do, i wanted something that would complement the  african heritage that oozes out from the pieces. I am wearing a piece from the Unbroken SS16 Collection and paired with pearl earrings and black shoes. This is definitely a piece I can rock to a wedding? Would you?

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Frustration on what to wear: Friday Blues

Hi Guys,

Do you have days where you stare into your wardrobe and don’t have anything to wear despite seeing so many clothes? Today is one of those days, so I decided to do a few mix up here and there to come up with this outfit. So I’ve called it my friday blues (love the way it sounds and besides isn’t it obvious lol). Mehn it is frustrating but I can vouch that almost every woman feels that way every morning. Ladies, what do you think?

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