Orange you glad to see me?


How are you all doing? Before this shoot, I was wearing these over the knee boots, heard a pop and fell to the ground. Thank God I can walk is what the doctor said so that means it might not be that serious. I am still waiting for my scan results, really praying everything is ok.

In other news, it is Halloween weekend, I don’t celebrate halloween but I love everything that has to do with pumpkins. I got inspired by the orange colour and found this dress. It is getting cold in Calgary now and its going to snow this week, not looking forward to that. On my Instagram page, I have been showing my love for different things apart from fashion and doing this makes me pay more attention to my location venues for my shoots. I finally did a video shoot also and I cannot wait for the video. I saw this dress and love the knot detail and the fabric just made me fall in love.

I am taking over LifeInCalgary’s Instagram page and I have to say I am completely nervous but excited at the same time. This would be my first takeover and will give you access to a life as a fashion blogger. The takeover starts on Monday Oct 30th – Nov 5th 2017. Please support and check it out. I was telling my friend that it is funny how you go after certain things, you get it and you feel so nervous and start asking questions. Are you good enough? She encouraged me and said ¬†you can do anything. So I want to encourage someone today, your dreams should scare you and motivate you to be better. Always give your 110% because you don’t know who is watching.

Check below for outfit details.

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