Contrasting Hues


How is your week going? Mine is going pretty well. Tuesday Night was movie night and had a chance to watch “Girls Trip”. I have to say I was pretty impressed with the movie and it was hilarious. I have to commend Tiffany Haddish who played Dina in the movie, she killed her role. She definitely brought her A+ game. In every girl squad, there are different personalities but there’s always a crazy one? I think in my group, I definitely get the award for the crazy and funny one, LOL. In your group, which one are you? I would love to know.

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That’s a Wrap…StylebyToyoC x NKWO

Hi Guys,

This look finally is up here…Yayyyy…:)

How’s your weekend going? It was raining here in Calgary, so I’ve been catching up on shows. I watched the whole season of the Quad on BET, so now looking for more series.

I am excited to share this look with you but a little background about the designer. NKWO is a womenswear label whose pieces have been featured in NYFW 2008 and collection has been sold in the luxury brand store Galeries Lafayette.

The pieces were first seen on the runway show during LFDW 2016 and I was really impressed because her pieces showed a great blend of modernity and African culture.  My love of white and denim knew new bounds. You know in 2016, I rocked a lot of white/off-white looks, white can be difficult to pull off if not done right. I usually say accessorize with bold colours and always carry a stain remover in your bag (very important hehe, trust me).

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