Pretty in Pink


Another look missed on the blog in 2017 and I particularly liked the colour combination. The sweater is amazing but that itch is not so cool. Does anyone have that problem with some knitwear? I had to survive through the shoot, it’s the truth when they say beauty is pain. I love the faux fur pocket detail, that was the attraction to the knitwear.

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Bubble Gum Pink: Collaboration with BeloisCouture

Hi Guys,

Pink is definitely the color for Spring 2017. I must say when I wanted the dress, the color that popped in my head was my usual black. But I wanted something more so my brother said why not go with Pink. I hesitated and then said why not? I think many women have reservations about the color Pink, but I must say this piece definitely overcame by objections. Is it that its too girly? Not mature enough? Its such a bold color attracting so much attention?

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