Pastel Heaven Series – Pink Panther


I have been feeling lazy uploading on the blog, my mind and body needs a vacation soon. I promised I would do more pastel colours and fulfilling with this beautiful pink power suit. I remember going to Zara weeks ago seeing this pink on the mannequin and the pants were available but not the blazer. Fast forward to last week, I checked Zara and this two piece was just waiting for me. Okay, so does it happen to you that you are in love with an item and you check the store and the size available is yours? I consider that the “meant-to-be” moment and makes the buying decision easier.

I am so obsessed with two pieces that I am looking to add more to the closet this spring especially with the pastel series. I am thinking of doing a pastel combo soon and still working on it. I have linked similar power suits, earrings and shoes.

For outfit details, please click below.

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Power Suit: Strictly Business

Hi Readers,

You are getting a double dose of goodness hehe. I have been slacking on my posts and I apologize. Couple of days ago, my friend mentioned she doesn’t see my posts on her timeline. It can be frustrating trying to grow your account organically and most of your followers can’t see your timeline. I just keep thinking, is it because I am engaging a lot and have had couple of temporary blocks on likes? I honestly don’t know and all I know is keep working hard and one day it will pay off. That’s my mantra in my fashion blogging world.

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