Have You Had Your Greens Today?


It has been snowing continuously here in Calgary, it just makes you not want to step out. Thank God I took this picture way before the snow started. I am so excited about the weekend, I have been taking over the LifeInCalgary page and it has been amazing. I was nervous at first but it’s actually fun. Do you have any plans for the weekend? I am developing my holiday wish-list this weekend hehe:)

It’s so funny every single time I step into Zara or visit the website, damage is always done. They have an amazing collection and before you know it, my shopping cart is full. This bottle green set was no exception to the normal regime lol. At first, when I tried the set, I was unsure because this style is a little bit far from my normal. I styled it and saw the pictures, I was so happy. Two things that caught my attention with this set, the colour and the fringe details on the top. The price point isn’t bad at all.

I have linked this set for all my beautiful ladies that almost killed me on Instagram yesterday because I couldn’t link it on Liketoknowit.

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Something About Black….


First, I want to say thank you for the love on my last post. People who reached out on my social media platforms and here, thank you!

I have been revamping my page on Instagram and I am totally loving showing all the things that inspire me and love (most of the items are on wish lists, lol). Over the next couple of days, you will prolly see me rocking black a whole lot. There is something about black I love, I can’t just explain it…black outfits just make you look great and timeless. But for me, its not just outfits, even interior decor, a mixture of black and white or black and gold is heavenly.

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Bustier what it is right now….

Hi Readers,

Please say a little prayer for Mexico. When I started blogging, I met Daniela online and she is a great support because almost every post she will leave a comment and this encourages me. Daniela is a mexican fashion blogger and it would mean a lot to say a word of prayer for her and her family. Thank you.

Do you want the title of my blog is inspired by? If you think you do, let me know in the comment. I have noticed a deep in engagement on instagram and I honestly don’t know what is happening but just motivates me to keep going, be consistent and the hard work will pay off someday.

Have you guys heard of Sporting Life? They reached out to me and I honestly never heard about the store. I checked out the store in South Centre Mall (here in Calgary) and I was blown away. Here’s why, the ambiance of the store is everything, you literally feel at home, I kid you not. Brand names like Levis, Nike, Adidas, 7forAllMankind, Kate Spade and many more and the price tags don’t hurt. They are opening up a new store in Market Mall, how cool will it be to win a $2500 gift card  as well as a styling session with Julie Redmond of style by jr. . They are running a contest and it ends noon on October 4th 2017. It might be your lucky day. To learn more on how to win the amazing gift, click here

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ColorBlocking – StyleByToyoC x AYABA Woman


Vacations are always amazing but the adding weight not so much…lol. The gym is calling my fat arms at the moment.

I met the creative director behind AYABA Woman last year at the Shea Moisture Launch event and we clicked right away. I am so excited for the launch of AYABA Woman. AYABA Woman is a ready-to-wear brand and features contemporary yet wearable pieces that are flattering to every female body size. The AYABA woman is multifaceted; she’s edgy, sexy, classy yet fun loving, cultured but witty, confident and graceful. You should check out the spring collection here.

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Bubble Gum Pink: Collaboration with BeloisCouture

Hi Guys,

Pink is definitely the color for Spring 2017. I must say when I wanted the dress, the color that popped in my head was my usual black. But I wanted something more so my brother said why not go with Pink. I hesitated and then said why not? I think many women have reservations about the color Pink, but I must say this piece definitely overcame by objections. Is it that its too girly? Not mature enough? Its such a bold color attracting so much attention?

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