Wedding Season Inspiration – Lace Bustier


Another dress made the wedding guest dress list.

Couple of weeks ago, I attended the Winners and Marshalls’ influencer dinner here in Calgary and was gifted a gift card. In the quest to find wedding guest dress inso, I headed to the store (signal hill location) and found this gem. It’s so funny, i’m one of those shoppers who pick almost everything and then as i’m lining up to pay, I do the wants vs needs test. I have to say, some days it’s hard dropping items but other days I think about my financial plan and I feel better thereafter. Anyways, this lace dress was everything when I tried it on and I knew it was everything I wanted. From the fabric, to the bustier neckline, it was enough sass without looking overdone. I came home and researched the brand and boy was I even more impressed.

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Wedding Season Inspiration – Orange Blast


Wedding season is here and I want to give you wedding guest dress inspirations. I will be doing a series and giving you tips on where to shop and what brands to wear. What completes a look isn’t just the dress but your accessories, that’s the key. I am so into statement earrings because they help to elevate your look. I got few questions about the weight of the statement earrings in my DM. These particular ones were actually light and didn’t pull on my ears. So far, the statement earrings I own are light and comfortable.

I shop at particular stores like Zara, Topshop and H&M and I wanted somewhere new to shop for clothes, so I started looking at online stores such as Saks to see brands they carried. I came across the brand LIKELY based in New York and the pieces are stunning. The dresses can be worn for any occasion (depends on styling). For me, I was pretty impressed because I love colours and the styles come in various colours which also help in building my aesthetic on my Instagram. The dresses are form-fitting and definitely a show stopper.

I loved this Orange Packard One shoulder dress (currently on sale) and the fit was everything. I am wearing a size 0 in this dress but it also varies on the style. If you want to order this dress, you can go your true size or a size up because the fabric stretches and should still fit right. I styled this look with a colourful statement earring and my green satin sandals just to bring out my personality. If you are more conservative, you can do nude sandals to achieve a subtle contrast.

Have a beautiful weekend:)

Default Setting – Black Vibes


I haven’t posted in a couple of days because I honestly didn’t have any content (just being lazy lol) and I didn’t want to just post anything up on the blog. Moments when I feel like this, I hit the reset button and that’s where you see me wear my default mode colour -black. I love colours but there’s something about resetting, taking a quick break and getting more colour inspirations to share with you. Do you have a default colour you wear when you have no inspiration? I would love to know.

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Berry Blast Wednesday

It’s a berry blast Wednesday, Happy Hump Day.

We are closer to the end of the week and I did this shoot a while back when I thought spring had arrived in Calgary. Just so you know, I was feeling all cute but I fell sick the next day after exposing my body to the sun deceiving cold weather lol. I was meant to shoot new looks for the blog yesterday but didn’t happen. We will try again on Saturday, in the meantime enjoy this berry blast jumpsuit that only costs $38. Do you believe?

Jumpsuits and I –> A match made in Heaven. Being petite, I have always been drawn to jumpsuits because it is very flattering on my body. The great thing about jumpsuits is the versatility. You can layer underneath with a sweater, or on top with a jacket (didn’t do that because I was feeling myself) and pair with a nice sandal. I have linked my favourite black bags and I’m really loving the brand Jacquemus. I need to treat myself; conflicting thoughts ; Staycation/Vacation/Jacquemus (shoe & bag). Help me guys!

Anyways, bag to the shoot,I have never done a parking lot shoot so I was excited when Henry said “Toyo, let’s try this location”. I am happy how it turned out and I have linked similar jumpsuits to pull off this look.

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Pastel Heaven Series – Pink Panther


I have been feeling lazy uploading on the blog, my mind and body needs a vacation soon. I promised I would do more pastel colours and fulfilling with this beautiful pink power suit. I remember going to Zara weeks ago seeing this pink on the mannequin and the pants were available but not the blazer. Fast forward to last week, I checked Zara and this two piece was just waiting for me. Okay, so does it happen to you that you are in love with an item and you check the store and the size available is yours? I consider that the “meant-to-be” moment and makes the buying decision easier.

I am so obsessed with two pieces that I am looking to add more to the closet this spring especially with the pastel series. I am thinking of doing a pastel combo soon and still working on it. I have linked similar power suits, earrings and shoes.

For outfit details, please click below.

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