Casual Sunday Vibes

Hi Guys,

It’s another cold day in Calgary, currently -17 degrees celsius and it means another indoor shoot for me. There are so many spots to take pictures in Calgary and utilizing the mall has just been fantastic. Have you been to Sporting Life at South Centre mall? The interior decor is totally amazing and when I was thinking of a nice spot for my shoot, it was my go-to location.

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Frustration on what to wear: Friday Blues

Hi Guys,

Do you have days where you stare into your wardrobe and don’t have anything to wear despite seeing so many clothes? Today is one of those days, so I decided to do a few mix up here and there to come up with this outfit. So I’ve called it my friday blues (love the way it sounds and besides isn’t it obvious lol). Mehn it is frustrating but I can vouch that almost every woman feels that way every morning. Ladies, what do you think?

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Hey Guys,

Happy New Month and Happy Independence Day:)

How did you celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Day? I went food tasting with my Client for the wedding event in December. After, I attended a concert with Don Moen and other Nigerian Gospel Artists. For anyone living in Nigeria, we are in a recession and people are discouraged and not hopeful. In addition to that, I have been hearing a lot of people losing family and friends. I was encouraged after the concert that despite the circumstance in life, your focus should be on one person “Jesus”.

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Hey Guys,

Happy New Month:) Welcome to September! I love September because its my birthday month and I’m counting down. I am grateful for so many opportunities lately (will share later) and I am thankful to God for all he has done for me so far and what he is yet to do.

I love the shades of blue combo and my sunglasses.

With Love,


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Hi Readers,

I have previously written in an earlier blog post about how to style a black x white outfit. Please check the post of you haven’t read it. I was inspired lately once again with black and white minimalistic look and I decided to go all the way with my accessories. There was no better place to shoot than the City Hall, Calgary. This outfit is definitely one to turn heads  while looking stylish and classy.

I can never get tired of black and white, I’m falling in too deep with this combination. Many of you may know that I love to have fun so I wore a pop of colour on my lips and definitely enjoyed this shoot. Funny enough while shooting, I ran into one of Calgary’s Men Style Blogger ,Sadiq (Instagram: @styledyyc) and decided to do a “run-into collaboration” (LOL).

Please make sure you add me on Instagram (@toyo_c) if you are not following me. You can see more fun videos of me while shooting on Instagram.

ready 1

Outfit Details: Top & Clutch by Zara| Pants by Topshop|Jewelry by H&M|Sunglasses by DAPMOD|Shoes by Christian Louboutin| Lipstick (Up the Amp) by MAC

ready 2ready 4ready 5

ready 6


ready 8


ready 10


ready 17

ready 11ready 12

ready 15

ready 14

ready 20

Have a beautiful day 🙂