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Today is a beautiful day and I am so excited I collaborated with Liz Eleko of Inspire Junkie. I heard great things about Liz and finally met her at a wedding. We got talking, she’s a lifestyle blogger and we decided to collaborate. Liz said “I’m taking you to Azuridge and you will love it” In my head, I was like I’m sure she’s over hyping the place but I was wrong…this place is a hidden Gem.

Azuridge Estate Hotel is a luxury destination with 13 acres of rolling foothills in Priddis, Alberta. It’s about 20 mins away from Calgary (if you live in the SW). Do you know this estate was formerly owned by an individual, Mogen Smed (Inspired is an understatement) and he filed for bankruptcy. The property was then bought by geologists. The name “Azuridge is a fusion of azurite and ridge. Azuridge is a private and exclusive place. If you are looking for a place to de-stress, this should be your perfect peaceful escape.

I decided to rock my ankara set for brunch. I wanted to go for a simple yet classy look. The detachable sleeves just makes you rock the outfit in different ways. I am really proud of myself on my thrift missions lately and scoring a bag for only (wait for it)…5CAD.

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Can we have a short day?

Hey Readers,

Summer in Calgary is unpredictable, one minute rain and the next minute sunshine. I wanted to dress different today and I decided to name it “Short day” hehe. I have to change my hair up soon because thats my excuse for the head wrap (hehe). Any suggestions for a new hairstyle for me? Please let me know in the comment section, I will appreciate it.

I picked up my silk shorts from Zara during the sale for 19.99CAD (its no longer available online but you can find an alternative here). I love my silk shorts but I didn’t like the fact that I ironed the pants before leaving the house and sitting actually creates wrinkles on the shorts. So I apologize in advance for that. I will only wear silk pants when I know I get to stand all day (thats tough). The shorts are high-waisted and loved that it wasn’t too short, just appropriate for my petite self.

I paired my shorts with a long sleeve silk print top (alternative here) and blue lace up shoes (similar here). My sunglasses are DAPMOD and my vintage earrings & ring (the love ring) are from value village. I came across a beautiful store in Riverfront, Liz and Lottie with stylish accessories (purchased one of my rings there today for 11CAD) and is definitely on my list for great stylish finds.

Have a great weekend 🙂

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Hey Readers,

Happy Mid-Week! Don’t you sometimes just want to dress very casual and comfortable but still look chic. Well, you all know how much I love heels and I decided to switch it up today. I found these flats on ASOS back in November but its always been in my closet. So, today the prints and flats came out to play. Ok, so this dress was actually on sale for 10 CAD and I quickly jumped on it (dancing LOL). What do you think about my sunnies? I’m in love with them.

I love to have fun whenever I’m shooting and couldn’t help but get my feet in the water (hehe). Meanwhile, any plans for the weekend? I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to. Just stay glued.


Outfit Details: Print Dress & Jewelry by H&M| Flats by ASOS| Bag by Tory Burch| Sunglasses by DAPMOD| Photography by AOBYYC


Have a lovely day!



How To Wear: Baggy Fit Culotte Set

Welcome to August Readers!!!!

Lately I’ve been having meaningful conversations with several people and the conversation seems to narrow down to BE YOURSELF and walk in your own path. I think we are all on different journeys in our lives and have to constantly remind ourselves to “BE YOU”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure at times we get carried away with what others are doing but in the end people will fall in love with “the original YOU”.

So, I saw this outfit on a massive sale and I fell in love with the brick red colour. I was thinking to myself, how can I pair this set? Well Readers, this is one way to definitely style a baggy fit culotte set:

  1. You can pair with nice/sleek accessories (jewelry, shoes, etc).
  2. Rock with Confidence: “BE YOU”, have fun with the baggy fit look.


Photography by @aobyyc


Outfit Details: Culotte Set, Necklace & Shoes by Zara|Bag by Kurt Geiger| Sunglasses by Dapmod| Rings by H&M


Have a great week…




Hi Readers,

I have previously written in an earlier blog post about how to style a black x white outfit. Please check the post of you haven’t read it. I was inspired lately once again with black and white minimalistic look and I decided to go all the way with my accessories. There was no better place to shoot than the City Hall, Calgary. This outfit is definitely one to turn heads  while looking stylish and classy.

I can never get tired of black and white, I’m falling in too deep with this combination. Many of you may know that I love to have fun so I wore a pop of colour on my lips and definitely enjoyed this shoot. Funny enough while shooting, I ran into one of Calgary’s Men Style Blogger ,Sadiq (Instagram: @styledyyc) and decided to do a “run-into collaboration” (LOL).

Please make sure you add me on Instagram (@toyo_c) if you are not following me. You can see more fun videos of me while shooting on Instagram.

ready 1

Outfit Details: Top & Clutch by Zara| Pants by Topshop|Jewelry by H&M|Sunglasses by DAPMOD|Shoes by Christian Louboutin| Lipstick (Up the Amp) by MAC

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Have a beautiful day 🙂