Yellow Daze

Happy Hump Day! Half-way through the week and I can’t wait for the weekend. I live in colour but yellow seems to strike a connection with me in every single way. I am absolutely in love with co-ord sets and this was not an exception because it was in one of my favourite colours. The neck detail drew my attention and I knew it was take home worthy. I got this green satin shoes recently and I knew I had to pair with my yellow set. At first, I wasn’t sure about buying satin green but the more I wore it around the store, I couldn’t let go so she had to join the shoe collection.

I have linked details of my outfit and similar outfits to achieve this look.

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Perfect Transitional Piece For Spring – Tweed Jacket

The previous week was so busy that I didn’t have the time to upload this post earlier.

Spring weather in Calgary is unpredictable, one minute you are in sunshine and the next minute it’s cold and that’s why the perfect transitional piece for spring is a Tweed jacket. I personally believe a tweed jacket is a wardrobe staple and elevates an outfit to the level of elegance and sophistication. The great thing about tweed is that you can style it with a tee and a pair of skinny jeans. If you are adventurous, you can do a tweed ensemble (blazer + skirt). This season, tweed suit sets are in trend and seen with brands like Lafayette New York and Theory. I’ve had this jacket for couple of years and was excited to style with my mom jeans.

You can shop my look by clicking on the widgets below.

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Track Pants Trend: Sporty Chic

Couple of days ago, the weather here was spring like but for the past two days it’s been snowing and I’m looking at Calgary with the side eye. While we had an amazing weather earlier in the week, the sporty chic vibe was definitely one I wanted to try. I have to say I don’t wear sneakers a lot but now I have been considering and just got a nice pair from Skye (look coming soon to the blog). Not to worry, the pastel heaven series is still on-going this month, just needed to slide in this look on the blog :).

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Spring Trends 2018: Pastel Heaven Series – Dusty Rose

Another day in Pastel heaven and I have to say I was so excited for this look. My week has been really busy. How about yours? Anything interesting? I started off with a night out with Winners and Marshalls. Thank you Winners and Marshalls for hosting me, it was so much fun and you would have seen my insta-stories to see the amazing food I devoured and the bloggers I hung out with. I was surprised with a gift card worth $100 which would be maxed out tomorrow as I have my eyes on a Lucy Paris striped jumpsuit which is perfect for spring.

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Spring Trends 2018: Pastel Heaven Series – Mint


I woke up on Saturday angry. I can tell you it literally disrupted my whole day and seeing people wearing different colours did make me smile but I ended up going back to bed angry. I do feel better today, but then I woke up with a bad headache from thinking so much or probably my salt intake or being low on sugar. I would love to know, have you ever woken up angry before? What’s your remedy? Please share so maybe I can do that next time.

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